Build Your Own Home

Advantages of building your own custom home:

  1. Select a lot at your favourite location
  2. Design a home that fits your budget
  3. Personalize rather than paying for alterations
  4. Build at a lower cost to live or to sell 
  5. Customize the floor plan to meet your requirements
  6. Choose and save on the upgrades
  7. Choose who builds your house

How Can We Help?

  1. Prepare a feasibility report to determin your budget and requirements
  2. Help find and buy a suitable lot
  3. Help with due diligence, rezoning, severence etc.
  4. Help prepare the floor plan, engineering drawings and site plan
  5. Help acquire the building permit from the municipality
  6. Manage the construction of the house

Let us figure out your needs and submit a free customized plan